Private English Lessons

One to one tuition: 23 Euro

6 lessons package: 100 Euro

Two students tuition: 27 Euro

6 'double' lessons package: 125 Euro




One to one tuition: 25 Euro

6 lessons package: 115 Euro

Two students tuition: 30 Euro

6 'double' lessons package: 140 Euro


We also offer private lessons in which you can decide exactly what you want to learn. Lessons can cover General English for example extra Pronunciation and Speaking practice, but also specific work-related topics for example preparing for a specific meeting.
This type of tuition is particularly where students have very particular needs or when participants wish to learn very intensively.

We can offer English tuition in many areas including:

  • General English
  • International Business English
  • Legal English
  • English for Travelling

Exam Preparation and Certificates

You can ask  for information on our exam preparation courses. These courses are designed to help you use your language ability to get the best possible grade in your chosen exam. In the courses you learn about how the exams works, what the examiners will be looking for and you will get plenty of practice using the types of questions you will see in the exam. After one of our exam preparation courses you can tackle the exam with complete confidence. The courses are relatively short, but are very intensive and are therefore very effective.